Co – Op 2-17-2017

Hi everyone! Happy co-op week! We are so excited to see you all on Friday. I have attached the schedule below.

Groups B and C can drop off their Valentines to their friends BEFORE co-op begins. Their boxes will be in the fellowship hall. Please arrive a little early on Friday to do so. Group A will be having their exchange during class time.

ALL groups will join together downstairs during our last 25 minutes to open up Valentines and to share some treats!

This month, the B group will be learning about Australia in our Around the world class. Please have them come prepared to share something about Australia!

B Group should also remember to bring a small hammer for their Young Builders class this month! We will only have a few available.

C group will be beginning their Movie Making class this month. They will be learning how to use a green screen and how to edit their own videos through different video editing software. We will be sharing the video they put together at our end of the year performance night in June.

We are going to begin Science Fair sign ups on Friday. Please look to the front desk for the sign up sheet. We would like to get a number on how many children will be attending. Thank you!

We will also be needing an official head count for our field trip to Baltimore Woods on March 8th at 10:00. We will have a sign up sheet with the information for that trip at the front desk as well!

I think that about does it! See you all on Friday!! 🙂

Note: You can download a printable pdf of the schedule if you go to About – Downloads in the main menu.